About Saima

I am a certified Wedding & Event Planner, and I can custom-design any event. My unique custom designs and decor that are tailored to my clients’ needs and wishes are my specialty, and I am skilled at organizing, designing, and decorating events within a short period of time.

The moments I am most proud of are when my clients express their happiness with my work and services. Nothing makes me feel prouder than seeing the awe on my clients’ faces as they walk in through the door of the venue. I am also very proud of the quality of my work and services. People are trusting me to make their events go smoothly, many of which are the most important day of their lives. I am fully committed to their needs so that the day of the event is flawless and beautiful.

What sets me apart from others is my “East meets West” approach. I love mixing aspects of different cultures and designs together, which often involves designs characterized by modern decor with a traditional touch, or a more traditional event with a contemporary twist.